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How Chandigarh University became the most preferred Education Brand in India?

Chandigarh University (CU) is a private university located in the vicinity of The City Beautiful – Chandigarh. Established in 2012, CU has become the Asia’s fastest Growing University (WCRC) with over 100 programs and excellent placement record in short span of 6 years. With more than 30000 students from all Indian States and 40 countries, CU is a Culturally Diverse and Vibrant place to study.

Key Challenge Areas – Brand Discovery, Awareness and Positioning

Brand Recognition – As a new and private university, the first challenge was to establish credibility and have a brand that offers value in terms of –

  • A brand which students can trust for their higher education and career building.
  • Parents needed to know that their return on investment (both time and money)  would be worth it.
  • Industry recognition – for better placements, industry exposure and enhanced learning opportunities.
  • Global recognition – In order to collaborate with International partners and offer students advanced learning opportunities.

Brand Positioning – From Logo design to complete brand communication collaterals, a new beginning and new brand image had to be created. We needed to position CU as a trusted and most affordable education institution with quality education.

Digital Transformation – As an education brand, digital profile was the need of the hour, especially with millennials as our major target, we had to have a strong digital presence. From website creation to social media platforms and internal engagement, focus on all.

Media Relations – Media plays an important role when it comes to brand and credibility building, we had to create a positive image in media and leverage traditional media (Print and Electronic) to increase the awareness.

Rankings (National & International) – As a private education institution, it was crucial to be recognized by government and reputed private institutions. Credibility and recognized as trusted brand was imperative.

How we Did it?

  • Strategy Building – Goal setting, Brand positioning pathway, Defining key brand messages, Program wise target setting, Advertising channels, Budget planning
  • Market Research – Intense research in  Target Audience, Target Areas,  Competition Analysis, Brand SWOT Analysis and USP curation.
  • Brand Positioning – Clearly defined messages, Campaign building around the messages. Target based marketing communication strategies, Launch of campaigns based on messages via apt channels
  • Digital Presence & Lead Generation – Created Website, Social Media Channels, Content Management and tie-up with third party education vendors for program wise lead generation.
  • Marketing toolkit – Apart from Digital, our team worked on information brochures, Outdoor designs, Print ads and videos for TV and Digital space.
  • Monitoring & Interpretation  – We assemble the response and data received through each channel and created fortnightly report on the progress, giving the team clear brand path.

Apart from the above mentioned services, we devised overall strategy and implementation process for the university for following: –

  • Brand Loyalty – Special campaigns were launched with the employees, alumni, current students and staff, which allowed us to create word-of-mouth and enhance brand reputation from the within.
  • Ratings & Rankings – Our research team worked closely with academic experts and management to ensure we were participating in annual media ratings and rankings for various programs.
  • Visual Enhancement – Our design team was involved with projects to give each department its own look and feel, from concept building to end result we created special themes for over 15 departments.

What we Achieved?

Student Intake

  • 2013: 3500 – 2018: 30000+

Admissions from

  • 2013: North India – 2018: India & 40 Countries (SAARC & NON SAARC)

Gender Ratio

  • 2013: Male- 90%, Female 10% – 2018: Male – 70%, Female 30%

International Partner Universities

  • 2013: 10 – 2018: 200 (In more than 50 Countries)

Industry Collaborations

  • 2013: 3 – 2018: 40+ (Microsoft, Amazon, SAP, HPE, IBM and more)


Website –

Facebook –

  • Likes – 3000 to 484,422


  • Followers – 0 to 35.4K


  • Followers – 0 to 4K


  • Subscribers – 0 to 22K
  • Videos – 10 to 500+

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