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Rajasthan Police

Rajasthan Police Foundation (RPF) is registered under the provisions of the Rajasthan Public Trust Act of 1982. A Non Profit Organisation, work together with the Rajasthan Police Department to secure and maintain the best resources that are required for the well- being and advancement of the police officials.

The target is to strengthen the pillars for this workforce, which improves their potential to deal with the changing technology, social, and economic factors. We make sure to create awareness about the current digital scenario.

We came into existence to help the most hard-working and sincere government body. These government officials are people who contribute the most to society and for the country as a whole. An individual who is a part of such a department (police) is a significant contributor towards the community, who not only sacrifices his family but who also makes sure to give primary importance to his duties and responsibilities towards the nation and not his family.

The officials of a police department have a focus on the security of the citizens and the country. Thus, it becomes imperative for us to promote the health and safety of these individuals, through our organization and efforts required.

Rajasthan Police Foundation

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