What Are The Different Type of Social Media Advertising One Must Look For


Different types of Social media advertising are giving a huge amount of popularity for the producers to promote their goods and services in the present world. It is known for having any advantages because there are no geographical boundaries that limit the extent of promotion. The different types of Social media marketing have been summarized as follows.

Understanding The Different Types of Social Media Advertising

Here is a list of the best 7 types of social media advertising types that will help you in enjoying the best from your online business. These types will help you generate more traffic and earn a better ROI.

1. Facebook video ads

One of the most important Social media platforms of Facebook is acting as one of the best advertisement sections for people these days. Facebook has Now introduced the sections of advertisements with the help of different types of companies, and producers can advertise their products. These advertisements can come randomly when you are visualizing the stories and photographs of your friends and family. These advertisements are also likely to appear when you play the videos on Facebook Watch

2. Canvas ads

It is yet another type of method to advertise with the help of social media because they are not unique and character but also provide a space of 31 seconds for the advertiser to communicate his message to the public. According to the recent survey, it has provided an immense experience by gathering the views of 53% of all those who watched it. It is an inexpensive method to advertise a product on Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram

3. Instagram ads

You might have come across different types of advertisements when you scroll down your friends’ Stories on Instagram. This is nothing but the Instagram ads that have become one of the best methods to advertise your products and services. It is an effective social media tool to promote your products, and 20% of the International brands have advertised their products in India with the help of Instagram advertising servicing only. It has become very successful in promoting the product. 

4. Shoppable Instagram posts

Suppose you do not want to advertise with the help of this story. In that case, another important method you can advertise on social media, especially on Instagram, is using the post method. It is one of the most convenient methods with the help of which a larger amount of public can be captured in the minimum amount of time. Unlike the stories, the Instagram post are more durable and do not disappear after the lapse of 24 hours. It can capture a greater audience and is more effective. 

5. Twitter video ads

It is another famous method with the help of which the advertisement could be e placed on social media platforms like Twitter. The increase in the number of tweets on every advertisement is likely to increase the popularity of such an advertisement. Accordingly, the audience cover can extend to a large audience in one go. That is why it can be said that nearly 67% of the advertisement market on social media can defend itself on the Twitter video AD services

6. Promoted tweets

There are many situations in which a simple tweet can gather a huge amount of popularity in the minimum amount of time and is likely to appear as one of the biggest promotions in the hand of the advertiser. It is a simple text created uniquely and is posted with the help of Creative hashtags that become viral in the minimum amount of time. If the audience is likely to tweet and share such a comment repeatedly, then accordingly, the popularity is likely to increase to a great extent without any investment. 

7. LinkedIn

LinkedIn provides an option for sponsored content. To promote their products and services on LinkedIn, many types of advertisers try to post on the same daily platform and accordingly make an attempt to get a major they converted altogether. Total 9% of the entire social media advertising agency is dependent upon LinkedIn because it acts as One of the most professional platforms for the Unison of different professionals. 


That is why it can be said that all of these methods have become very popular in order to advertise the products and gain the maximum amount of strength in the marketing process. These steps will definitely ensure the best marketing outlook in the minimum amount of time that would be long-lasting.