Pros And Cons of Social Media Advantages and Disadvantages

On asking a bunch of people how their lives are different now compared to the Colonial period ( nearly half a century ago), the answers seem to be more or less similar.

They were instructed to think about the one thing they would miss the most if they had to leave their current life and go back in time. 

Every response had to do with technology – they said they’d miss TV, video games, Instagram, texting, and not seeing their Friends on Facebook.

While hearing this isn’t surprising, what amazes is the immediate, almost instinctual, response of ”the internet.”

Social Media Platforms?

As of January 2021, this graph illustrates all of the world’s most prominent Social media platforms, together with their number of users in millions.

  • Facebook – 2740
  • Youtube – 2291
  • Whatsaap – 2000
  • Facebook Messenger – 1300
  • Instagram – 1221
  • Weixin / WeChat – 1213
  • TikTok – 689
  • QQ – 617
  • Douyin – 600
  • Sina Weibo – 511
  • Telegram – 500
  • Snapchat – 498
  • Kuaishou – 481
  • Pinterest – 442
  • Reddit – 430
  • Twitter – 353
  • Quora – 300

Number of active users in millions

How is social media affecting us?

The exercise gets us thinking about how different our lives would be if we were to go back in time or take the internet and social media out of the equation. Let’s be real; we won’t deny how much we enjoy a good Amazon Prime shopping spree. 

At the same time, we’re wrapped up in a bath towel because we refuse to get dressed—but we can certainly think of a few ways our quality of life may be improved without immediate access to anyone and anything that the internet provides.

Disadvantages of Social Media

Pressure to be the best parents, pressure to keep a picture-perfect home, balance the amount of work/home activities, keep up with my DIY Pinterest projects, and do it all without having a mental breakdown. 

We understand that we place most of that pressure on ourselves, but there used to be a time when we didn’t know all the ”perfect” things about everyone.

It ‘sit’s easy to fall into the comparison trap with social media. The seemingly perfect photos that everyone posts, and it’s even harder sometimes to remind ourselves that they’re just photos and one tiny moment in time.

The intrusion of social media doesn’t end on the personal front; it lacerates the further layers, only to reach the professional front of a man also.

Be it any profession, a lawyer, a teacher, a chartered accountant, a company secretariat, a banker, or even a businessman; life revolves around the internet, the social media either in the form of the Software applications one requires to deal with their job, or to establish the link of communication between the parties situated seven seas across.

Advantages of social media

The need for social media arises from the inception of a man as an individual seeking to imbue himself with the knowledge that prevails in the world where he has taken birth.

His very urge to unravelling more, exploring more makes him a student, a learner. He begins by learning the basics, proceeds ahead with the additional concepts.

Then, once he is done with gaining everything already discovered, he moves ahead to discover the hidden truths. 

His very instinct keeps him moving. Suppose we relate this scenario to the pre-social and pre-cultural times.

In that case, one can expect a man to move from one place to another for collecting the facts and figures, interviewing en-numbers of people, to widen the scope of this knowledge, and then after he is done with the collection of loads and loads of data inscribed on papers or manuscripts he sits to sort, analyze and interpret the same. 

What if we view this episode from a different medium, or ”The Medium of the Internet”? The plot would be far more easy, convenient, and wide for the research to take place.

Physical travel would have been completely struck off, and the video conferences might have replaced face-to-face communication. 

Also, there be no need to arrange heaps of papers and sit to analyze them, because we have the modern era couch potato- our computers and laptops at our disposal, which will sort things just at one click, which will also reduce the heaps of data to bits, only to store them in a minuscule pen-drive or card- readers.

How to draw a balance

This abstract isn’tisn’t something we have heard for the first time; rather, we observe and get involved in each time. It is something that has become a cliché to hear and observe.

For as it has invaded, a man may be of his natural liberty, urge, or his life more widely. We can cite innumerable instances where the Internet domain works in full front bringing the human mind at the back front.

One doesn’t need to be a professional to experience it; being a human with a laptop in one hand and dongle in another would suffice the purpose.


Out of all the areas of life, the worm of internet, probes, this project deals with its impact on the life of a learner, a student, who has reached a sufficient level of intellectual insight to appease his curiosity to explore and unravel more, who has achieved the intelligence to answer the questions, earlier left unanswered.

That is, this study takes into consideration the nexus between social media and students. It deals with how the Internet and social media kind of thing proves to be a blessing in disguise. But, at times, the subsequent consequences, the bane it inflicts, and the disadvantages that outweigh are also dealt with here.