6 Ways That Can Make Instagram Algorithm Happy

Instagram made the switch from a reverse-chronological to an algorithm-based feed for showing content in 2016. The reach of material was immediately reduced as a result of this change. As a result, many Instagram influencers were concerned that their audience and impressions were diminishing.

Even though Facebook’s content reach is limited, the appropriate method can nevertheless help you gain awareness. This post will teach you how to decipher the algorithm’s key components and apply them to boost engagement on your Instagram account.

How does the Instagram algorithm work?

Based on a user’s browsing pattern, the Instagram algorithm, a collection of algorithms, classifiers, and processes, evaluates hundreds of data points termed ranking signals. The algorithm employs four ranking signals to rank content that is visible in your account.

How can you make the Instagram algorithm happy? 

Naturally, you want to take advantage of these new insights to get more exposure on Instagram. Here are six places to start:

  1. Build a Relationship & Set Expectations

The only approach to beat the algorithm is to win the hearts of your audience.

Success comes from providing content that people like, regardless of your Instagram KPIs – awareness, conversions, emails, or follower count. Then, your company will determine the format of that content.

Make time to develop a consumer persona for your company. It would help if you also looked at what other companies in your area are doing and what content you created that connection with your target audience.

Decide on the type of material you want to create after you’ve done your study. You want people to come to your account regardless of whether or not they see your content in their feed.

User-generated content is a specific approach to engage your audience (UGC). User-generated content (UGC) is any content created by users or consumers and made available via social media or other permissioning ways.

This content is already on social media or your customers’ camera rolls; all you have to do is look for it. Start by looking at your most ardent supporters and brand mentions, or utilize a content curation engine to draw in this wealth of information automatically.

Delta Instagram Post of man in valley

Delta Airlines reposts customer vacation photographs to encourage followers of the brand account to plan trips to their ideal destinations. This inspires discussion in the comments section and delights its fans; the brand acknowledges genuine individuals like them!

Whatever modifications to the Instagram algorithm are made, Delta’s audience will continue to seek out this type of material. So, naturally, you want to establish a similar bond with your audience.

2. Post at the Right Time

The second simple way to increase your reach is to upload material when your target audience is online. Review when people are most active on Instagram to determine the optimal time to publish.

Analyze when your audience is most engaged on Instagram with analytics tools. After that, you may run tests to see when the best times are to post.

3. Identify Super Users

If you want to build your Instagram following, you should make an effort to engage with outstanding users. But, of course, your biggest fans are the folks who like and comment on the majority of your stuff. There are several approaches you can take.

Inquire if these folks want to join a community to gain access to exclusive content and interact with others who share their interests. The majority of people you message with such an offer will not react.

However, some of them will. You can enhance the likelihood that individuals who engage with your content will seek you out on Instagram by engaging and establishing relationships with them. Furthermore, your super users are more likely to react to a situation.

woman's Instagram photo of nail art

Revel Nail, a cosmetics firm, goes on Instagram to find its most ardent fans, expresses their admiration for the user’s work, and requests permission to use it for brand reasons. This simple request goes a long way toward forming a community, and the individual even responds with a heartfelt “honoured!”

Few businesses or users invest the time to create a community and interact with their customers. Instead, they share content. You will stand out if you take the time to accomplish anything like this. On a site like Instagram, where most people strive to expand their audience by copying other content creators, this is critical.

Make sure to capitalize on the interaction you’ve generated. Make sure to engage your audience regularly to increase the organic reach of your material. You can use online community platforms to promote your material and encourage people to share, comment on, and save it.

Respond to comments on your blog posts. The more you interact with your followers, the higher your Instagram algorithm score will be.

4. Use Hashtags Correctly

Including relevant hashtags in each post will boost the number of people who see them. Hashtags generate greater engagement than posts without them. You must utilize proper hashtags; if you throw a bunch in the caption, you risk alienating your audience by being scammy.

Nulo Instagram Post of man with dog

Nulo Pet Food uses both petcare and brand-related hashtags in the caption to provide UGC from a pleased client and his furry friend.

To get the most out of hashtag marketing, develop a list of relevant hashtags for your brand and start tracking hashtag statistics.

5. Prioritize Videos (with Captions)

A user is more likely to pause scrolling past a post if it contains a video. Therefore, short-form videos on Instagram should be prioritized if you want to increase interaction and transmit more information in a short amount of time.

Instagram Reels allows you to share videos that are no longer than 15 seconds long. Those videos are saved in your feed and Reels page, and anyone can watch them at any time.

On the other hand, Instagram Stories can last up to 15 seconds before being deleted after 24 hours. You may publish considerably lengthier videos on IGTV, which can also be viewed under the TV option on your profile.

Videos can be used for a variety of purposes. Because they can depict movement, videos are regarded as more dynamic than photos. Kickass Workouts uses one easy post to show off their training items alongside its gear, allowing readers to discover how each piece is used.

6. Reply to DMs

Responding to direct messages is another excellent approach to engage your audience. When you take the time to answer each of your followers’ messages individually, your audience will adore you even more. They’ll become loyal to you, resulting in more people spreading the word about your brand, including your Instagram account.

It’s not necessary to overthink things. If they compliment you, a simple thank you will suffice. If they bring up a product concern, thank them for taking the time to tell you about it and assure them that you’ll bring it up with management. Don’t forget to contact them once their complaint has resulted in something. If they say good morning, then say good day as well.

If they greet you with a good morning, respond with a nice day.

People want to know that they are being heard. Trust me, if you make them feel that way, they will. They’ll repay the favour in spades.