Google Algorithm and Its Functioning Google Algorithm Updates

Yes!! Google Algorithm the algorithms hidden behind your search query on Google Google Algorithm are a vast topic. This is because it is not specific, but these algorithms update constantly. 

Hence, further, we will discuss what Google Algorithm are, their ranking factors, and updates. Before discussing it, let’s take a look at what Google Algorithm are.

What is Google Algorithms?

Google algorithm is a strategy on which google works and decides which website contains valuable information and ranks it accordingly There are countless algorithms written behind your single Search query, and these algorithms work together to answer your query accurately. 

Multiple Google Algorithm consider multiple factors such as quality of content or how much use a particular landing page is These algorithms that derive the ranking system change frequently. It is not constant. 

The Top Google Algorithm Updates

1. Hummingbird 

This Hummingbird algorithm understands carefully the query of the user and tries to give the answer and rank websites whose content even does not match with the keyword. 

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2. RankBrain

It is the third most important Ranking factor declared by Google The RankBrain Algorithm considers all the related words, synonyms, and other search history and brings the related results. 

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3. Penguin

This Algorithm updates and downgrades websites that do not contain good backlinks with fast speed. 

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4. Panda

This Algorithm Update downgrades the websites that are found to contain plagiarism, and plagiarism-free websites rule Google.

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5. Mobile.

Mobile algorithm update make sure that the website formed is mobile-friendly or not as searches from previous years have increased vigorously on mobiles rather than desktops.

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Main Factors Considered By Google Algorithm The Functioning of Google Algorithm

First of all, let me tell you that there are several factors that google considers to rank its website. But the main factors or algorithms that Google considers the most are limited. So the main Google Algorithm suspect the following factors:

Quality of Content.

The foremost thing that Google Algorithm considers is the Quality of content Countless content is floating on Google Among these contents, Google searches the most relevant content according to your query by using its algorithms. 

For instance Google Considers the relevant content based on the three factors. Firstly, on its Creativity, secondly, the Trustworthy content that is the one that contains valuable information. Thirdly, the Authoritativeness of particular content

After considering these factors, Google considers the quality of links that appeared on a landing page, and this one is called the Pagerank algorithm.

The Materiality of The Landing Page

Google also considers how materialistic, or relevant a landing page is. It simply means that the content on a landing page should resolve the quality of a user. It should answer what exactly a user asked in its question. 

The foremost role played by the relevancy of keywords. If the keywords match the content of the page, then the ranking of the website increases.

The Sense of Query

Another important factor that algorithms consider is the sense of the question. The meaning of the question should be understood. It has to be understood what the user wants. For instance, if there is a kind of product, then it should be clear whether the user wants its definition, kinds, reviews, or the purchase value.

If the user’s query is related, then the algorithm search for fresh and updated content. The old or outdated website becomes work less. That’s why handling a website and updating it from time to time is the chief thing one must consider.

How Useful The Landing Page is and The Location of The User

The website should be user-friendly, which means the speed of the landing page has to be good. The website should be secured and should possess any harm to the user’s device. Secondly, location is also an important factor that algorithms consider The searches for restaurants in Delhi can’t make the website of restaurants of any other city run.


Hence, this was about Google Algorithm Several updates happened in Google Algorithm last year. If you have understood all the updates and from your website according to it, then no one can stop your website ranking top on Google. You will have to keep in mind the above-mentioned factors on which the major Google Algorithm work.