Free backlink checkers! Are they really worthy?

Free Backlink Checker

A backlink check is required to check if your website does not have any poor-quality linked to it. You can have a better idea about the type of content that is most popular with your audience. This is because you can easily monitor what pages linked to you are getting positive backlinks. This is an extremely beneficial thing to consider to boost your growth. This is the reason why we have created the list of best free Backlink checker in 2021.

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If you are here, you are definitely looking for backlink checker tools that are free of cost to use. Mentioned below are some of the best backlink checker tools available for free in 2021. These tools top many lists after careful analysis by many trusted websites.


Ubersuggest has a backlink checker feature that is used for the analysis of backlinks for different websites. There are many features provided by this checker tool.

  • You can easily keep track of backlinks to your website.
  • It enables its users to easily identify link-building opportunities so that they can make quality links to their websites.
  • You can easily check your competitor’s popular pages along with their backlinks.
  • One can also easily identify new and lost links to any website.
  • You can access 3 years’ worth of history of any website’s backlinks.

This checker tool is extremely easy to use. This means that it is user-friendly. You can check various metrics like domain authority, referring domains, the total number of backlinks, etc.

SEO Review Tools

The SEO review tool is one of the best backlink checker tools you can find online. You can easily create a free account through your email account. Along with this, it provides many other key features.

  • Along with finding the backlinks of any website, you can easily find its anchor text.
  • You can find referring domains with the total number of backlinks.
  • You can also use statistics to measure traffic and find particular backlinks.
  • You can find both new and broken backlinks on any website.
  • A user can also find the popular pages of any website they want.

Along with being 100% free, an SEO review tool user can take advantage of its many key features. One can easily fulfill many purposes of backlinks and related options through this checker tool.


It is one of the best tools that are available under the free backlink detector category. RankWatch provides its users with various features.

  • You can easily find the total number of backlinks of any website. Also, find the lost and active backlinks with this tool.
  • Users of RankWatch will easily have access to the overall trust and citation score.
  • You can also access the backlink acquisition trend.
  • A user can check the total number of referring domains that link to his/her website.
  • You can get an in-depth backlink of any website including the anchor text.

This tool is user-friendly and provides many benefits to its users as it has many significant key features.

Backlink Watcher Track Tool

Along with getting access to the backlinks of any website, you can also search for anchor texts, page ranks, outbound links, etc. The below-mentioned key features of this free backlink detection tool are also notable.

  • You can access information about any backlink to any website.
  • The anchor text that has been used for backlinks of any website can easily be identified.
  • You can easily access the PageRank to backlinks of any website.
  • A user of the backlink watcher track tool can easily find any external link related to the backlink through the nofollow tag.

Along with all these features, a user can also export all the backlink profile Results of any website if the user wants. This makes it an extremely beneficial tool for someone looking for checking the backlinks.

Rank Signals

This  backlink checker tool is completely available for free of cost to all its users. It provides its users with the below-mentioned features.

  • You can easily find the nofollow or dofollow links of any website.
  • You can easily detect the backlinks of any of your competitors.  It also provides its users with the option of finding toxic or spam links to any website.
  • You can also easily discover the deleted and broken links of any website.

This tool provides an easy search of many metrics like domain and traffic rank, internal and external links, etc. This tool is easy to understand and use. It also provides its users with unlimited searches completely free of cost.Well, you will find various backlinker tools online but you need to find out the right one! These tools make it extremely easier for its users to check their activity and links attached to them. However, these free backlink checker tools can be used by anyone at any point of time. What can be better than using these amazing checker tools completely free of cost? These tools will help you provide an in-depth search to your backlinks along with their anchor text, external and internal links, etc.